How do we create teams?

Overport Allstars Basketball Club prefers a complete team list to be provided to us, with an identified Team Manager and Coach.  

If a partial team list has been compiled, we are happy to provide support by allocating players who have registered their interest in joining the Club, to complete the team. The Club cannot guarantee that the skill levels of all team members can be matched. 

We understand that not all new players will have the connections to find themselves a team, particularly those who are new to Overport Primary School (OPS).  In this case, we will seek interest from the OPS community of those children who are keen to play.  From this, we may be able to create brand new teams, or fill partial teams.

Our general rules to make teams (create new or fill partial teams)*

*always contingent on the number of players returning and the number of new players wishing to start.

Number of players

The optimal number of players in a team is 7-8. 

Age, gender, year level

New teams are grouped by age group, gender and then school year level. We have sometimes made a mixed gender team in the U8s to ensure all interested children can play.

Filling existing teams

Partial teams are filled based on the availability of new players who have registered interest, their age, gender and grade. 

Teams presented to the Club as ‘complete’ will not be altered without consultation with the Coach and Team Manager.

Each team needs a Coach and Team Manager

All teams require a Coach and a Team Manager from the parents of the children in the team.  If you do not have a Coach or Team Manager identified, we will seek nominations from within the team.  If there are no volunteers for these positions, the team cannot play.

More information about these roles is available in the For Parents page.