Overport Allstars is affiliated with the Frankston District Basketball Association (FDBA). 

This means we follow the rules, regulations and competition calendar as specified by the FDBA.  


Age grouping

The FDBA allocates players to age groups according to their birth year.

The allocation relevant to the current season can be found under ‘Age Group Classification’ on their website.

If your child is already 8, the age group they are eligible to play is Under 10s.  This may feel like it is too old, but all children will be in the same boat!  Age group exemptions will only be granted for medical or developmental causes.  We are happy to seek these exemptions, if relevant.

How does it all work?

Summer season runs in Term 4 and Term 1.

Winter season runs in Term 2 and Term 3.

No games are played during the school holidays, except on the first Saturday.  No games are played on long weekends. More specific information can be found in the FDBA’s competition calendar relevant to the current season.

Season structure

Each season runs for around 18 weeks but vary with the Victorian School Terms. 

Each season begins with ‘grading’ phases’ to ensure the teams have been placed in the correct division to allow for a competitive season.  These games do not contribute to the season ladder.  After each phase the teams are assessed and moved up, down or remain in their current division.

Grading phases for U8s and U10-21s are managed differently. The grading structure for the current season can be seen on the competition calendar.