Registrations are currently closed for the Summer 2021/2022 season (terms 4 and 1).

Expressions of interest for the Winter 2022 season will be sought in March 2022, via your current Team Manager (for current players), the Overport Allstars Basketball Club Facebook page and Overport Primary School (for new players).

Registration links will be provided to you or your Team Manager by our Club Registrar, when it is time to sign-up. Coaches and Team Managers also need to register using the same team link.

Fees for the Winter 2022 season

Basketball Victoria (BV) Registration$26An annual fee. It may not appear in your costs for this season, if paid last season. Compulsory for all players, includes player insurance for injury.
Overport Allstars Registration$230This includes team registration, training fees, weekly match fees, administration


Game Day

Overport Allstars COMPULSORY uniform items are

  • Overport Allstars Singlet
  • Overport Allstars Shorts

All other merchandise is optional.

New Uniform

New uniforms can be purchased on the Merchandise page.

Orders are placed 4-5 weeks prior to the commencement of each season.  Orders outside of this time could be subject to significant delays.

Winter 2022 Season- Orders MUST be received by 8pm Thursday 24th March , 2022

2nd Hand Uniform

The Overport Parents & Friends Facebook page is a good forum to source a second hand uniform, if desired.

Singlet Numbers

The club is happy for the players to select their own numbers but you must make sure there are no number clashes within the team.  This must also be considered when purchasing a second hand uniform.

Legal numbers that the players may use are 00, 0 – 99.

Number requests can be accomodated on new uniform orders made prior to the order cut-off date. Orders made after this date will have a Club selected number allocated.