How we can all get the best out of the experience, in 3 easy steps

1. Involvement

Coach & Team Manager

There are two key roles required for each team.

  • Coach 
  • Team Manager 

The Club requires a parent of the children in the team to step into each of these roles.  Sometimes, an older sibling may be able to take on the coaching responsibilities.


At each game, a parent will need to act as scorer for the team.  There are many resources available to you to learn how to use the PlayHQ scoring program.  If you are new to basketball, there will be other parents who have some experience who can explain the rules and the umpire’s calls and how this relates to the scoring process. It may seem like an intimidating prospect, but it will ultimately help you understand the game your children are enjoying playing!


There will be occasions when new committee members are needed to continue the operation of the Club.  When this is required, the Club will call for volunteers and/or nominations.  Your support is highly valued and without it the Club cannot function, so please consider getting involved when the time comes.

2. Support

The Team

Registering for a team sport implies that you are making a commitment to attend all training sessions and games.  Unforeseen circumstances will pop-up.  In this case, any absences of your child from training or games should be notified as soon as possible so the Team Manager and Coach can determine if fill-ins are needed (or can be obtained) and modify substitutions and game plans. 

The Team Manager

Scoring rosters are important to ensure fair distribution of the ‘jobs’. Please support our volunteers in their roles and with their requests.

The Coach

Parents are requested to support the advice or game plans given by Coaches to their players.  They are also volunteers upholding the values of the Club (fun, inclusion, participation). If there are concerns or complaints about the conduct of the Coach, these should be escalated to the Wellbeing Officer for review and any action deemed appropriate.

3. Behaviour

The Overport Allstars Basketball Club, the Frankston District Basketball Association (FDBA) and Basketball Victoria (BV) have clear and specific expectations of the behaviour of everyone involved in basketball, including our children/players, parents, spectators, Coaches and Team Managers.

All policies are available for review here on the FDBA’s website.  

Of particular note are the following policies:

  • FDBA Child Protection Policy
  • FDBA Participant Behaviour Policy
  • BV Codes of Conduct

By registering your child to play basketball with Overport Allstars Basketball Club you are providing your commitment that you, your spectators and your child/player will abide by the policies of the FDBA and BV.


Any complaints or concerns about the conduct or behaviour of any person involved in Overport Allstars Basketball Club can be escalated to our Wellbeing Officer for review and resolution, as necessary.  These will be handled confidentially and in-line with the FDBAs and BVs expectations and policies.